I can understand why you would kiss your pet. However, the girl kissing an elephant makes no sense. What did she do, lose a bet? Oh and the guy with the bear looks nervous. Let us not forget goat-girl, she looks way too happy about the situation. (I’m sure the goat isn’t gonna lose sleep over it, but would someone PLEASE call PETA !)

In 1945, we crashed on your planet. We miss our home star of Gisfarlitz. I married a human. Now my half-breed son Ferdmarf hangs out at Starbuck’s and scares children. What a life!

At first it was nothing but a NO TRESPASSING sign, then we built         a curved wall, then came an arch, and now FINALLY a hand                          constructed gate with a dark oak stain.   

                   (It took months, but it was worth the wait.)


d0gbl0g: he went
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This shows dingos, dingo pups and mixed breed dingos comonly called Australian Cattle dogs or “Heelers”.


my thoughts on the #AlsIceBucketChallenge

Fauxlando Tumblr Accounts


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Can you dig it?

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I’m a full-fledged NERD, I collect meteorites.I found this wonderful specimen today at a rock/mineral sale…

More photos of Madrid, NM. I really fell in love with that scrappy, wired haired dog. (He was very sweet.)

Lots to see in Madrid New Mexico! The last photo “Wild Hogs” was built for the movie WILD HOGS with John Travolta. Even though it says “DINER” it is actually a T-shirt shop.